God with us – Heaven on earth

As a community of believers who love Jesus wholeheartedly, it is our passion to host heaven, so everybody can experience the presence and the goodness of God.

Our heavenly father gave us the great privilege to be his children. This excites and empowers us to be a part of the good things, He wants to release on earth.

For our Sunday morning services English translation is available. Feel free to pick up your headset at the «Infopoint» in the entrance area.


As a church we see it as our mission to guide people to a personal relationship with Jesus and to show them how to live in such a way like he does.

Jesus says that God wants things to be the same on earth as they are in heaven, 
«Your kingdom come, your will be done»
 (Matthew 6:10)

God has created every personality in a unique way. As a church we desire that people may discover their potential. What special things may God possibly be planning with you?! Which talents has he given you? Together we want to find out more in encouraging and supporting you in this respect.

More about our vision and how we are implementing this:

Contact | Services (german)


Whether you are visiting our church for the first time or have attended our church for a short period of time, you are welcome here. On perusal of our homepage you will find appropriate links for every phase of your life.
«ANGEBOTE» (german)

Wherever you may be in your life right now, we would like to support you to get to know God, to grow in faith, and to come in contact with other people.

We offer you help and support for the various challenges of life.

We would be delighted to welcome you in the near future in one of our seminars or at a church event.
«AGENDA» (german)


To follow Jesus means to have fellowship with him and to live in his glory. In the community of the small groups we will gain strength for life’s storms, receive wisdom for difficult decisions, and learn what personal responsibility for our spiritual development means, and experience acceptance and inclusion.
The small group can offer the deepest form of friendship: «Love each other as I have loved you. This is my command. Greater love has no-one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.» (John 15:12+13 NIV)
You are cordially invited to become a part of a small group. We will be looking forward very much to getting to know you personally!



Healing Rooms is for people who would like prayers for healing or to be blessed.
We will pray for you – regardless of your denomination or religious affiliation, simply because God loves YOU.

Due to the current pandemic situation, the Healing Rooms will not take place until further notice.


The Healing Rooms are open again! We are with all the necessary safety precautions and at the usual opening hours every Saturday from 10 – 12 clock for you. 

Healing Rooms is for people who would like prayers for healing or to be blessed. We will pray for you – regardless of your denomination or religious affiliation, simply because God loves YOU. 

The Healing Rooms Aarau are closed during the Aarau school holidays.

12.04.2021 Mo bis 25.04.2021 So Frühlingsferien
05.07.2021 Mo bis 08.08.2021 So Sommerferien

Attendance is free of charge.

NEW: we need a registration online, because of the instructions of the federal government.


At the end of the service our ministry team offers you to pray for your concerns – healing, release, blessings, and prophetic words.


Freie Christengemeinde 
Delfterstrasse 14

5000 Aarau
Phone: +41 62 822 44 44
E-Mail: Contact

By bus from Aarau train station
Boarding the bus: alongside station square near Migros Bank
Bus No. 2 (Telli – Rohr)
Departure times on Sundays: every 30 minutes, at a quarter to the next hour and a quarter past the last hour
Journey time: 3 minutes
Third bus stop «Delfterstrasse»
On leaving the bus: walk back to the roundabout, turn left (Delfterstrasse Süd)
First street on the left, FCG Aarau is situated on your left.

On foot, coming from Aarau railway station (20 min.) 
From station square with many bus stops
follow Bahnhofstrasse to the right (near Migros Bank)
Cross Kreuzplatz (with traffic lights) and walk straight ahead on the left-hand side.
At the next traffic lights a pedestrian road leads downwards to Telli.
First street on the left
First street on the right (Weihermattstrasse)
First street on the left (Delfterstrasse)
First street on the right. First street on the left; FCG Aarau is situated on your left.